Innovati developes its projects following strict quality and security controls, in the last section we have focused in different technologies to offer professional services as digital copyright, identity Management, PKI infrastructure, electronic DNI services, etc.

Innovati has a vast background of experience and developments in all the mentioned technologies...

IT Solutions

Our large experience in software development enables us to offer highly competitive and specialized IT products and IT services adapted to customer needs.


Innovati has a large and specialized portfolio of professional services offer, characterized by its high technological know-how and effectiveness. Our standards are to serve our customers through a World Class Service

R&D Innovation

Is the way of reflecting our passion for innovation, by creating, generating and applying new technologies and our advanced knowledge acquired during years of experience in different industrial sectors.

R&D Consultancy

Our objective is to help our customers to participate effectively and benefit from multiple subsidized R&D programs existing at Regional, National and European level.