Our customers, our best reference and main guarantee.

Two main features that make out from Innovati a World Class IT company are its continuous bet for innovation, our essential orientation towards customer satisfaction and our strong technological know-how and expertise, what altogether leads the company towards World Class IT Services. We appreciate the confidence from our clients that has allowed us to become a solid and avant-garde enterprise.

Some of our customers are:

IT Solutions

Our large experience in software development enables us to offer highly competitive and specialized IT products and IT services adapted to customer needs.


Innovati has a large and specialized portfolio of professional services offer, characterized by its high technological know-how and effectiveness. Our standards are to serve our customers through a World Class Service

R&D Innovation

Is the way of reflecting our passion for innovation, by creating, generating and applying new technologies and our advanced knowledge acquired during years of experience in different industrial sectors.

R&D Consultancy

Our objective is to help our customers to participate effectively and benefit from multiple subsidized R&D programs existing at Regional, National and European level.