IT Solutions inside the company

Innovati provides solutions and services based on mobile and wireless technologies to improve your company�s business processes and operations. Those solutions need not to be intrinsically complex or require costly investments. For example, through the use of low cost elements such as RF Tags (distant read-write capabilities) or by means of widely spread mobile applications -such as short messaging-, drastic results in costs reduction and significant improvements in business processes productivity can be easily obtained.

The above mentioned solutions address, among other possibilities, the following hot spots:

  • - Reduction of administrative costs.
  • - Possibility for employees to perform operations "on the move".
  • - Manage corporate information more efficiently.
  • - Improve customer care operations and quality of service.
  • - Costs reduction within maintenance and technical service operations.
  • - Productivity increase of the sales force (SFA).
  • - Increased control across the whole organisation.
  • - Improve product traceability across the supply chain (RF tags).

Business solutions

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IT Solutions

Our large experience in software development enables us to offer highly competitive and specialized IT products and IT services adapted to customer needs.


Innovati has a large and specialized portfolio of professional services offer, characterized by its high technological know-how and effectiveness. Our standards are to serve our customers through a World Class Service

R&D Innovation

Is the way of reflecting our passion for innovation, by creating, generating and applying new technologies and our advanced knowledge acquired during years of experience in different industrial sectors.

R&D Consultancy

Our objective is to help our customers to participate effectively and benefit from multiple subsidized R&D programs existing at Regional, National and European level.